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Sammons® Financial Group, Inc. – of which Midland National® is a member company – released a new website to offer users a better experience, and to highlight the member companies’ commitment to financial strength and longevity.

The new site offers information on its member organizations, Midland National® Life Insurance Company, North American Company for Life and Health Insurance®, and Sammons Institutional GroupSM.

With a new look and feel, this website unveils Sammons Financial Group’s tagline – With You for Every MomentSMmeant to help instill a sense of stability that could allow member company policyowners to feel secure without worrying about their financial future. John Myers, associate vice president of corporate communications at Sammons, shares the impetus behind the redesign: 

"Sammons Financial Group and its companies have grown at a remarkable pace over the past decade, and we wanted a website that was reflective of the company that we are today, a company with more than $73 billion in total assets. What we have now is a website that speaks to what Sammons Financial Group and its member companies do for people and businesses across America: we help them be financially prepared for the future, so they can enjoy life’s moments today.”

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