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To better serve customers, Sammons Financial Group (SFG), the parent company of Midland National, wants to ensure that agents and independent marketing organizations (IMOs) have the most effective tools to explain financial products. That’s why SFG developed two agent-focused marketing campaigns that emphasize using simple yet powerful imagery to clarify insurance and annuity products for customers.

Those campaigns, “Back of the Napkin” and “The Case for Fixed Index Annuities,” won Gold Quill Awards from the International Association of Business Communications (IABC). The Back of the Napkin campaign provided agents and IMOs with brief, visually focused materials to educate customers on retirement funds and other financial products. The Case for FIAs/FIA Journey Kits utilized impactful design to not only explain FIAs to agents, but also to empower them to address customer concerns or confusion over these products.

Each year the IABC recognizes excellence in strategic communications, and SFG is proud to be included in the 2018 awards.

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