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Midland National donates to Galileo school

Sammons® Financial Group, parent company to Midland National, donated a total of $74,863 towards construction and furniture for new science laboratories at Galileo Scholastic Academy of Math & Science (Galileo). Friends of Galileo, a parent-led fundraising group, initiated the development of the new labs and gained support from Sammons Financial Group, Chicago Public Schools, a private family and the school’s 2017 Reach for the Stars fundraiser.

Galileo, which is a member of Chicago Public Schools, desperately needed 4-8th grade science labs to replace the traditional classrooms that were being used for science classes. Equipment was also extremely outdated. After the school’s administration expressed the need for labs, Friends of Galileo decided to take the lead in transforming a classroom into two adjoining science laboratories and supplying it with new equipment.

“The new labs would not have been possible without the cooperation of Galileo and Chicago Public Schools along with the generosity of our donors,” stated Mike Hrzic, a Galileo parent and member of Friends of Galileo. “Everyone worked together to complete our three-year initiative in just one year,” added Hrzic.

“Our students were thrilled to start conducting science experiments in the labs. Students now have the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning experiences in the new labs, which will prepare them for high school and future careers,” said Galileo’s principal, Meredith Bawden.

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