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Midland National Parent Company Partners with United Way

Sammons® Financial Group, Inc. (SFG), Midland National’s parent company, partnered with United Way of Central Iowa for a week-long fundraiser to benefit the charity’s ongoing work in local Iowa communities. The fundraising campaign featured games and activities, and after matching contributions from SFG, the total amount raised came to $305,981. 

Working Together
United Way of Central Iowa aims to improve the education, health, and financial self-sufficiency of residents in this area of the state. Decisions on how to use funds are made by “cabinets,” comprising local volunteers and experts in education, health, and finances. SFG’s Des Moines office is proud to have partnered with United Way of Central Iowa for three consecutive years, and with their matching contributions SFG is now in the Chairs Group of corporate donors.

Additional information about Sammons Financial Group's work with the United Way of Central Iowa can be found in this story in the West Des Moines Guide about the annual "Day of Action" event.  

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